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5 Star Fruit & Veg - Elevating your business with the finest in quality. Whether you're a wholesaler or a small business, we cater to all your fruit and vegetable needs.

As the leading importers in the industry, 5 Star has established a renowned reputation for delivering quality, consistency, and exceptional value to our customers. Our commitment to the values you cherish ensures a high rate of repeat business among our satisfied clientele.

Our dedication begins with quality assurance, where 5 Star conducts rigorous checks to provide you with peace of mind and minimize wastage. Being the largest importer allows us to not only guarantee quality but also to pass on substantial value through competitive pricing directly to you.

Reliability is at the core of 5 Star's operations. We deliver wholesale to businesses, leveraging a global network of contacts and agents to ensure a year-round supply of the best fruits and vegetables.

At 5 Star, freshness is non-negotiable. We selectively accept only the finest and freshest products, sourced directly from countries of origin with worldwide deliveries, eliminating middlemen, multiple transports, and distribution layers before reaching you.

Serving a diverse range of trades, including restaurants, shops, hotels, and various establishments, 5 Star Fruit & Veg is the go-to choice for those seeking consistent quality and service. Join our satisfied customers and let 5 Star alleviate your concerns when it comes to procuring top-notch fruit and vegetables.

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Jan 1, 2013


We bring you the mangoes directly packed from our farms, which are the best mangoes for consumption.

Jan 15, 2013


Also we do cater to your needs in various types of fresh fruits and vegetables.


“Had the best taste of Mangoes from their outlet and it was delicious.”

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“Once you are registered with us, we can supply you with all your requirements. Please contact us for details”

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“Specialising in Mangoes, to varied vegetables like Okra, Chilli, Bottle Guard, Bitter Guard, Pumpkin, Onions, Brinjal, etc.,”